“If you follow my decrees and are careful to obey my commands,

You will have such a surplus of crops that you will need to clear out the old grain to make room for the new harvest!”

Leviticus 26:3, 10 (NLT)

It’s almost spring time. I love this time of year. Everything that was dead or dying starts coming back to life. It’s a time of new beginnings.

It’s also a time to start cleaning up some stuff. We call it “spring cleaning!” You have to get rid of the old so you can make room for the new.  There are some things that have just been taking up space and you cannot get anything new because you don’t have room for it.

God tells the children of Israel that if they keep his commandments in the new land that he would bless them with favor and fruit. When we operate in the will of God there is a subsequent reaction from God that blesses us.

I’m very reluctant to push a “prosperity gospel,” but I am a witness like David when he said, “I once was young, now I’m old and I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed in the street begging for bread!”

We will have struggles and there will be winter months where it seems that something has died off, but the spring has got to come back. “As long as the earth endures seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.” God will keep us in between time!

We have to seek God and his righteousness first! We shouldn’t expect favor if we haven’t been faithful. But when I have been faithful I live with a sense of expectancy.

God will give you a surplus to where you have to get rid of the old. It’s time to take survey of what you can’t fit and what doesn’t fit in your life anymore. Why are you holding onto something that doesn’t work any better than the new God is getting ready to send you?

Make room for the new. This requires some faith. The new is on the way but you have to release the old. Sometimes new can’t show up until old is out of the way. We hold onto old out of security and never have room to receive the new.

God is doing a new thing! Do you not perceive it? We have just entered into a new season! Now get rid of the old and make room for the new!

Dear God,

I’m ready to clean house! I’m no longer satisfied with the old. There’s something new you want to do. Give me the wisdom and the faith to move some stuff out and some people out. I sense that something new and improved is coming my way. Thank you for honoring my faithfulness. I’m ready for the new!

In Jesus’ Name,