“Get up! Command the people to purify themselves in preparation for tomorrow. For this is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: Hidden among you, O Israel, are things set apart for the Lord. You will never defeat your enemies until you remove these things from among you.”

Joshua 7:13 NLT

There are some hidden things that threaten the move of God in our lives. The Holy Spirit can’t be effective in disobedient vessels. Paul said, “a little yeast affects the whole loaf of bread.” A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That’s why David prayed, “Search me, oh God, and if you find anything wicked in me take it out.” David didn’t want to be the reason why God’s presence didn’t remain with his people.

In this text Joshua has led the young Israelites into a miraculous victory over a fortified city called Jericho. They marched around seven days and seven times and blew trumpets and shouted and the walls came tumbling down. God’s instructions were for them to destroy everything accept the bronze, silver, and gold. That belonged to God.

Achan decided to keep a bar of Gold and a robe for himself. What’s one little bar of Gold going to matter? Nobody will miss this little old robe! But it’s those little points of disobedience that can cause a major catastrophe.

When they went out to fight against AI, they were embarrassed by a little city. They chased them out of the city and killed some of the soldiers. This was an unnecessary loss.

Whenever we hide something we shouldn’t have kept and hide what we should have let go it leads to unnecessary loss.

Here’s God’s remedy:

  1. Get up! The people were sulking because they had been defeated. We can’t lay around feeling sorry for ourselves. It is what it is. We lost some but now we have to figure out where the loss originated.
  2. Purify yourselves in preparation for tomorrow. God was going to show up tomorrow to expose who had been hiding the dedicated items. God has a way of bringing things to light and it usually comes out after consecration. God can call an assembly any time he wants especially when what we have hidden threatens his movement.
  3. You will never defeat your enemies until these hidden things are removed.

What are some hidden things that keep us losing against what should’ve been an easy victory?

  • Pride comes before the fall. Proverbs 16:18
  • Division – a house divided cannot stand. Mark 3:25
  • Murmuring against your leader. James 5:9
  • Unresolved conflict. Mark 11:25
  • Stealing or robbing God. Malachi 3:8-18

Yes, there is grace but we cannot take advantage of God’s grace by consciously living in sin. Even Paul talks about a man who was having sex with his father’s wife and he had no shame about it. Paul said to throw him out to Satan in hopes that the man might repent.

Achan and his whole family were identified and stoned to death for hiding God’s devoted things. We can avoid unnecessary losses and even death if we would just get rid of hidden things.

What are you hiding in your home or your heart that could block God’s favor on your life?

Dear God,

Help me to clear out everything that could potentially block your move on my life. Don’t let any unforgiveness or unresolved conflict or unsent finances stop your move upon my life. You’ve been with me through so many battles and I don’t want to lose this next one out of my disobedience in trying to hide what you told me to get rid of.

In Jesus’ Name,