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Ezekiel 18:20, 32 The one who sins is the one who dies. The son shall not be punished for his father’s sins, nor the father for his son’s. The righteous person will be rewarded for his own goodness and the wicked person for his wickedness. I do not enjoy seeing you die,” the Lord God says. “Turn, turn and live! 

We hear a lot about generational curses. That is when the sins, habits, or genetic proclivities of the parents or grandparents can be passed down to another generation.  For example, if there is an addictive trait that runs in your family lineage you could be prone to being an addict. If you were to do a genogram of your family tree you might discover some destructive patterns that show up in every generation. Are we doomed to those patterns? No!

Just because it’s in your family doesn’t mean that it has to stay in you. God tells Ezekiel that no longer will the children’s teeth be set on edge because the father ate sour grapes. Children have a choice.

Now what’s hard is that our environments and our social conditioning weigh heavy on our choices. If a child is raised in violence a it becomes difficult for them to choose to be peaceful. How do we break the curse?

1.  When you know better you do better. Do a genogram and look at the patterns that exist in your family. When you recognize your issue make a decision to work on what keeps tripping you up.

2. Turn back to God. You are not going to be able to overcome the strong cultural pull of your upbringing without God helping you. Sometimes you have to disconnect from the herd so you can hear God. If a wicked person turns back to God, God will forgive them of their sins and let them live a full life.

3.  God doesn’t want you to die as a result of generational curses. That’s why he gives each of us a choice to follow him. God says, “I don’t want anyone to die. I don’t get anything from that. Instead I’m giving you time to turn your life around and live!” Deuteronomy 30:19 “Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live! 

Dear God,

I choose to live. I’m no longer blaming my daddy or anybody else for my choices. When I turned my life back to you and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior that day the curse had no more power over me. I am free from the destructive patterns in my family history and I refuse to be another victim. I bind up addiction, disease, divorce, depression, debt, and death. I shall live and not die and proclaim the work of the Lord’s hand. My family are those who choose to do the will of you Heavenly Father. Thank you for breaking the curse and giving me and my children a way of escape. 

In Jesus Name,