Proverbs 24:27

Finish your outdoor work and get your fields ready; after that build your house.

There are some due diligence that must be done before you can arrive at success. We often see the finished product without realizing the process that was necessary to arrive at a place of completion. People see your Glory but don’t know your story. Everybody wants to be successful but not everybody wants to do the ground work to make it to the top. In order to make it to the top you have to…..

1. Finish your outdoor work. There are some fundamental things that must be accomplished before you can advance in life. Education and salvation are two of the most foundational elements in a person’s life. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Without God we are nothing. With God all things are possible. We must study to show ourselves approved. Our personal development is foundational to anything we want to accomplish in life.

2. Get your fields ready. Before seeds can be planted, we must make sure we remove sticks, stones and rubbish. the grounds need to be plowed before we can plant. In order to get our fields ready we must…

a. Remove all obstacles. There are some things and people that must be removed from our lives in order to be more productive.

b. Get our finances in order. We must clean up our credit and put some money away that will go towards our vision.

c. We have to write the vision and make it plain. We often plan to fail when we fail to plan.

3. Build the house. When all the previous conditions have been met we are ready to build the house. Your “house” represents the manifestation of your house on solid rock. When the storms of life start raging ┬áthe house will be able to withstand the storm but when we disobey God’s word and neglect the outside work it’s like building your house on sinking sand.


Dear God,

On Christ the solid rock I stand. All other ground is sinking sand. Give me the wisdom and patience to finish my outside work before I start building my house. What I do on the outside will sustain me on the inside. Don’t let me skip any steps in my ground work that could mess up my real work. Thank you for grounding me in your word so that it will show up in my work.


In Jesus Name,