Finish your breakfast!

Hosea 13:5-6 I took care of you in the wilderness,
in that dry and thirsty land.
But when you had eaten and were satisfied,
you became proud and forgot me. | New Living Translation (NLT)

finish your breakfast means:

  1. means to finish what you started.
  2. a phrase told to someone who does not know what they are talking about, to acquire more knowledge in what they are saying.
  3. Jay-Z: my homey strict told me, “dude finish your breakfast”
  4. “I left work early, but I still finished my breakfast”

When Jay Z discovered Memphis Bleek he found a young hungry kid from the projects. Literally! Jay Z gave him like five cheeseburgers and he devoured them and then went into the studio and laid down a gang of lyrics. After his first tour with Jay Z, Memphis Bleek didn’t show up in the studio and didn’t return his mentor’s phone calls. Jay Z went to his apartment to find Memphis Bleek in the bed with a girl. Memphis Bleek called Jay Z back and asked, “When are we working on the album? “Jay Z said, “what album?! Memphis Bleek asked, “what about the tour?!” Jay Z said, “what tour?! We done.” Jay Z said, “I think he got full too fast.” He should’ve finished his breakfast.

It’s amazing how we can meet people when they are young and hungry but after some of them taste success they get full too fast and don’t finish their breakfast.

  1. Stay thirsty my friend. Stay thirsty.  I think growing up poor left me thirsty. You can never really shake that feeling of having to do without but if you’ve never had it you run the risk of not finishing your breakfast. You get a sense of entitlement thinking that more is coming if I leave this on the table. Just as hungry people don’t leave food on the table and waste it so you and I should never waste an opportunity.
  2. Remember who took care of you in the wilderness. God took care of the children of Israel when they were slaves in Egypt but when he brought them into the promised land full of milk and honey they forgot about God. Success can give you amnesia and make you forget who helped you.
  3. Pride will make you think you were solely responsible for your success. God is the source and the strength of our life. We cannot turn our back on God or his bride, the church after we’ve eaten. When people are out there trying to make it, they say, “I’m out here trying to eat!” When you eat don’t forget who buttered your bread! Whether it was God or somebody God used to help you when you were starving don’t let your ego make you turn away from the one that blessed you. Finish your breakfast!

Dear God,

There have been so many people who helped me eat. I’m grateful for all my mentors and earth angels. I will never forget how you led me and fed me. You made a banquet table for me in the presence of my enemies. I will always hunger and thirst for righteousness knowing that only you can satisfy me. Why spend money on that which is not bread or labor for that which does not satisfy. Jesus you are the bread of life and water when I’m thirsty. Bread of heaven feed me till I want no more!

In Jesus’ Name,