18839035_s1 Corinthians 15:17, 20 And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins. But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the first-fruits of those who have fallen asleep.

There is great anticipation of easter. Many believers around the world have spent the last 40 days consciously cleansing themselves in preparation of one of the most Holy weekends for Christians. It seems that even nature awakens around this time every year with the trees blooming a beautiful white and pink. Parents go to the store to purchase easter outfits and Easter baskets to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. But all of that is a waste of time if Jesus is still dead.

On CNN there is a series on called, “Finding Jesus.” It starts off talking about this shroud of Jesus that is allegedly the shroud used in wrapping the body of Jesus at his death. People are looking for proof of his death and others are looking proof of his resurrection. Some people doubt that he existed, while others doubt that he was raised from the dead. If Jesus did not get up from that grave we are wasting our time and more than that we are still in our sins.

Paul was arguing with the skeptics in his day that had convinced some of the believers that Jesus was not resurrected. Paul said, “If this is true, we might as well stop fasting. We might as well eat, drink, get high, and do what everybody else is doing because tomorrow we die!”

The only thing is that he did get up! I don’t have a shroud to prove it but I have an experience to prove it. Almost 30 years ago Jesus met me in a vision as I was reading scripture and poured his blood over my head and washed away all my guilty stains. From that day I surrendered my life to him. I went from a teenager of a single mother to now an Apostle/pastor to thousands of people that I didn’t even have the natural ability to reach. I know Jesus is alive through my own personal experience.

1. Don’t waste your Easter entertaining foolishness. Paul had to remind believers of why they believed what they believed. Jesus defeated death and sin by dying for our sins. He defeated death when Hod raised him from the dead.

2. Bad company corrupts good character. Don’t let bitter people talk you out of what you believe. People have a thousand reasons why you shouldn’t come to church Sunday. Be like Mary; don’t let anybody stop you from getting to the place where Jesus was resurrected just because they think the body is dead.

3. Let nothing move you. Once you have experienced the power of Jesus through relationship there is no reason to allow doubt to make you miss the power and presence of his resurrection. In fact this weekend renew your commitment to Jesus and don’t let Easter be a waste. Jesus didn’t waste his life on you. Don’t waste yours by ignoring his sacrifice.

Dear God,

Thank you for raising Jesus from the dead! I know my redeemer lives because he lives in me. I celebrate the power of his resurrection this weekend. I will prepare my heart and mind this week for the power that will fall this weekend. I can’t wait till Sunday!

In Jesus Name,