Genesis 19:16-17 When Lot still hesitated, the angels seized his hand and the hands of his wife and two daughters and rushed them to safety outside the city, for the Lord was merciful. When they were safely out of the city, one of the angels ordered, “Run for your lives! And don’t look back or stop anywhere in the valley! Escape to the mountains, or you will be swept away!”

It’s good to look back to reflect on how good God has been to you but it’s bad to look back on the things that almost killed you and want them back. God has been good to us. He has saved us from dangers seen and unseen. His only desire for us at the beginning of the year is to go forward and not to look back.

God had noticed that a city called Sodom was extremely wicked. When he sent two angels disguised as men to Check out the city the men in the city tried to gang rape them. The Angels struck the men blind and told Lot to get his family and leave because God was about to rain down fire on the city. Lot hesitated.

When God comes to deliver us many of us hesitate because we fear leaving our comfort zone even when it has become uncomfortable. The city was wicked but even a good man like Lot had grown comfortable with wickedness. The Angels grabbed Lot, his wife, and daughters by the hand and pulled them out of the city before God destroyed it with fire.

The Angels gave them instructions that I think are necessary for us to go forward and not go back:

  1. Run for your lives! There has to be a sense of urgency this year if you are going to go forward you have to run as if your life depended on it. My son was running or “jogging” wind sprints and he was close to last. I told him if you want to be a “starter” you have to run as fast as the people who start and quit jogging. If you want to win at life you have to run for your life!
  1. Don’t look back. Can you imagine how hard this was? Your house is burning. Your friends and neighbors are dying. Lots Daughters husbands refused to leave. People are screaming but I’m not supposed to look back?! Looking back had more to do with wanting to go back then it did with grief. It’s okay to grieve. It’s not okay to get stuck trying to go back and be stuck in a place emotionally that no longer exists. Don’t get stuck emotionally looking back at something God destroyed for your good.
  1. Don’t stop in the valley. The valley was close but not safe. The valley was a lie place but not conducive for living. Lot and his family would be too vulnerable in the valley. David said, “Yea though I walk in the valley I will fear no evil, for thou art with me!” Valleys were meant to walk through not live in. When we find ourselves in valley moments or low moments we are to keep walking not stay there.
  1. Escape to the mountains. The mountains are a place of higher elevation. In the mountains there is what’s called a snake line. Once you go so high the altitude prevents snakes from be able to exist. God wants you to go so high in your living with him that the enemy can no longer affect you. Your consciousness must be elevated through right thinking. Philippians 4:8 states: brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things! That’s what it means to live in the mountains. Don’t look back!

Lots wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. Don’t get salty looking back at what God delivered you from. Go forward and live your life to the fullest.

Dear God,

Thank you for delivering me even though I hesitated. Take me higher this year so that I can live victoriously. I’m ready to go forward with my life. That is why today I will run for my life and not jog.

In Jesus Name,