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Matthew 24:12-13 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

What the world Needs now is love sweet love. Unfortunately love is a rare commodity. There is so much darkness in the world that good deeds are like a rare UFO sighting. There is a proliferation of violent viral clips featuring fights, mean pranks, and obscene activities. With this over saturation of wickedness people are growing colder by the minute.

1.  An increase in wickedness. For the last decade it seems that the entertainment industry has made an attempt to become even more graphic in its depiction of violence to hold the attention of its audiences. We have become desensitized to evil. We are becoming what we watch without even being conscious of it. Instead of correcting people on their evil behavior we perpetuate it by sharing our viral videos of the madness. Bad news travels faster than good but we are the pilot of the good.

2.  Our love will grow cold. Whenever you take a log out of the fire it will grow cold. It’s the same with our hearts. When The resurrected Jesus was walking with his disciples and they were unaware that it was him, they remarked to each other after he left, “did not our hearts burn?” Whoever we are in fellowship with Jesus our hearts are on fire. Whenever we are more connected to the ways of the world our hearts grow cold. The more estranged we are from God the colder we get. That’s why Paul told Timothy to “fan into flames” the gift of God that was in him. We keep the fire going through prayer, serving, and giving. Your fire cannot go out if you keep fueling your faith through action.

3.  If you can endure to the end you will be saved. Don’t lose the ability to love. Guard your heart. Don’t over expose yourself to wicked experiences. Watch what you take in. Continue to love people the way Jesus would have loved them. These three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of the three is Love. Don’t let your love turn cold!

Dear God,

Thank you for not allowing my heart to turn cold. It’s been difficult with all of the wickedness around me. I’ve been hurt by the people I helped. I wanted to stop loving so many times but your love kept me going. It’s impossible to love you and not want to express that love to others. Keep me close to you so that my ability to love stays strong. You are love. Thank you for loving me.

In Jesus Name,