“Nevertheless, I withdrew my judgment against them to protect the honor of my name before the nations that had seen my power in bringing them out of Egypt.” Ezekiel 20:22 NLT

It’s Election Day in the Divided States of America and the world is watching. Many people across the globe are baffled as to how we could arrive at a point where a serious contender for President of one of the greatest countries in the world is a lewd reality tv star. We haven’t seen so much hate and overt racism since the days of “Bull” Connor. We have regressed with this election.

More than that, this present culture has been brewing ever since the tea party made it a mandate that the first “African-American ” President would be a one term President. Isn’t it just like God to use the despised race from a country that formerly held them as slaves to be their leader? Instead of seizing this as a redemptive moment we have gotten angry at God and rebelled against his set authority.

When the children of Israel rebelled against Moses, the leader God had selected for his people, his wrath was stirred up. Instead of destroying his chosen nation he withheld his judgment.

It’s amazing that God has withheld his judgment this long for all the heinous acts we’ve committed as a Nation; slaver and murder of 12 million Africans, genocide of millions of Native Americans, conquest of Mexicans, oppression and suppression of women, mass incarceration of minorities, negligence of the poor and we still expect God to Bless America.

I’m wondering if tonight if God will finally turn us over to ourselves. Will we embarrass God by picking our next President out of fear and hatred? The choice tonight is between love or hate? Diversity or racism? Justice for all or Justice for some? Tonight we choose whether we rise to our highest ideals or sink back to an era where fear and hate reign.

My prayer is that God doesn’t give us over to our base impulses and deliver us to a leader who makes America Hate Again. We’ve already seen what Hate can do. Let’s see what love and true diversity not tolerance can do.

With your vote today or your “no vote” ask yourself a question: “Did I embarrass God with my choice or did I put my country in the best position for God to get some glory out of us?” Let’s pray that we don’t embarrass God tonight!
In Jesus Name,