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1 Kings 20:11 The king of Israel answered, ‘Tell him: “One who puts on his armour should not boast like one who takes it off.”’ 

This was one of the most exciting NBA finals in a long time. The drama unfolded with two rookie coaches going head-to-head: The best in the East going against the best in the West. I was personally rooting for Lebron James, the hometown hero of Cleveland, to bring it home for his city. He gave a Herculean effort carrying his decimated team on his back. But it was the young, hungry, and humble Golden State Warriors who earned the title.

There was a pivotal moment for me in this series when Lebron did something uncharacteristic of himself. Facing elimination, the reporters asked him if he was anxious. He said, “I’m the best player in the world…” Oh Lord! Pride always comes before destruction. I had just argued with someone the week before about how Steph Curry was humble and Lebron was arrogant. I argued her up and down that Lebron was just confident. Then he said this.

Arguably Lebron is the best player on the planet but that is not for you to say. The Bible says, “Let another man boast about you.”  After the game, Andre Igudalo was awarded the Finals MVP- the first nonstarter to win said, “First God gets the Glory and our team… We are all believers.  I want to be like Steph Curry; he’s a God fearing man.”

Is Lebron less of a believer? I don’t know about that but I do know he should not have been Cavalier in his response by saying he was “the best player in the world”.

The King of Aram was going against an underdog Israel. They outnumbered them greatly. Aram had more men and more victories but the King of Aram made one mistake he left out the fact that God was on the side of Israel. He bragged about what he was going to do to God’s nation. He told the King of Israel that he was going to take his money, his wives, and his children.

King Ahab’s response was, “One who is putting on his armor shouldn’t brag like one who is taking off his armor!” Pow!

In other words don’t be a Caviler Warrior.

1) Some things shouldn’t come out of your mouth until you have won and even when you win you still have to give Glory to God. We should never lose our humility. Greatness should always be clothed in humility.  What about Muhammad Ali? He said he was the greatest of all times!! He did. He also spoke for countless oppressed voices of black people that had no self-esteem. When he said he was ‘the greatest’, he spoke for many not just himself.

2) God told Ahab to put the young men in front. This veteran King won by putting his young guns upfront. You can be the greatest player in the world but you have to have a team. Golden State Warriors had the better team. Lebron did the best with what he had. But it boiled down to who had the better team not the best King.

3) Some trust in horses and chariots but I will trust in the Lord. We can have the most talented players or warriors in the world but God has the last say so. God really doesn’t care that much about ball games but he loves character. If we are going to win at life, we can’t be Caviler in the way we speak about ourselves because without God and a strong team we can’t win.

Dear God,

Help me to remain humble. Thank you for gifting me and surrounding me with a team that makes me better. I would not be where I am today without your favor on my life. I give you all the Glory. You deserve my praise. I’m nothing without you. Thank you for giving me the victory. 

In Jesus Name!