31823985_sLuke 5:37-38 “Nobody pours new wine into old wineskins. If they did, the new wine would burst the wineskins, the wine would spill, and the wineskins would be ruined. Instead, new wine must be put into new wineskins.”

Almost every woman who’s given birth can attest that she has her fair share of stretch marks. It is a sign that at some point the new life inside her stretched her to the limit. She was able to hold the new creation that God had put inside of her. My wife didn’t like the signs of God’s miracle of birth around her navel. To me it looked like a sunburst because I knew that three sons were born to me from this womb. It was a beautiful reminder.

If God is going to use you he has got to stretch you. The older we get the less pliable we become. There’s no stretch in our imagination. Possibilities become locked in the routine of how you’ve always done it. The person who used to take risks is now conservatively predictable because there’s no stretch left in their faith.

  1. You can’t pour new wine into old wine skins. God is always doing something new but he needs people who still have the ability to stretch to carry it out. If you have faith you will not be stressed while he is stretching you. The Holy Spirit will prepare you for what God is getting ready to do through you.
  1. If you pour new wine into old wine skins they will burst ruining the wine and the container. It’s important to know the capacity of the people you are dealing with. It’s important to know your own capacity. Do you have enough stretch in your faith to hold the vision God wants to give you? If you can accomplish it on your own strength than its probably not a “God size” vision. Pouring into people that don’t have the capacity to stretch is a waste of time and wine.
  1. You have to pour new wine into new people. When wine ferments it expands. You have to pour into people who have expansive minds. That’s why it’s so important to pour into the next generation. The truth is that the longer people sit around in church the less stretch they have but that does not stop them from pouring into new people who can stretch. I think that’s why Jesus wanted us to make Disciples. God is looking for stretch marks especially “Son Bursts!”

Dear God,

Thank you for stretching me. Don’t let me lose my ability to expand beyond my comfort zone. Expand my territory. Take away my pain and give me your favor when I set out to do what you told me to do. I’m ready to be stretched!

In Jesus Name,