“I hurt with the hurt of my people. I mourn and am overcome with grief. Is there no medicine in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why is there no healing for the wounds of my people?”

Jeremiah 8:21-22 NLT

“He has told us about the love for others that the Holy Spirit has given you.”
Colossians 1:8 NLT


It seems like we’ve lost the ability to feel what other people are experiencing. People are slowly dying in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Forty-six percent of the children in Memphis live below poverty. Women and children are dying from domestic violence. As seen with the recent massacre in Las Vegas, our gun problem is out of control!

My heart is hurting. There is nothing great about America right now. America has gotten worse! Jeremiah felt the same about Jerusalem. He hurt because he saw his nation going to the dogs while the religious leaders offered superficial solutions to deep wounds.

We have to go in and have deep conversations concerning our deep wounds.

What are we mourning in America? Are we mourning a loss of status or a loss of strength? We should be mourning a loss of connection to Christ. This callousness we are experiencing is because we have lost our ability to love each other unconditionally. Where there is no hope there is no regret. There are no apologies for disrespectful behavior because there is no real connection to Jesus Christ.

Is there no medicine for the healing of our people? It’s ironic that all of our energy in Washington has been expended on trying to repeal Healthcare. The savior of the healthcare is Senator John McCain who is battling terminal cancer. Why is there no healing for our people? Because our leaders won’t give medicine to those who need it. Poor whites, blacks, and browns will die without healthcare. Rich people can afford to repeal healthcare because they already have it.

The Holy Spirit is the only one who can change our hearts to truly care about each other. The fruit of the Spirit is love, kindness, gentleness, patience, self-control. I don’t see any fruit of the Spirit in how we are dealing with one another.

“I listen to their conversations and don’t hear a word of truth. Is anyone sorry for doing wrong? Does anyone say, “What a terrible thing I have done”? No! All are running down the path of sin as swiftly as a horse galloping into battle!”
Jeremiah 8:6 NLT

Dear God,

The summer has ended, the harvest has passed, and we are not saved. God show us how to save your people. Give us the love of Christ and the good news of Jesus so that we can change the hearts of those filled with rage. Change the hearts of those who would kill women and children out of their own emotional deficits. Remove the scales from racists so they can see that there is only one race; the human race. Protect those who have no voice or power. Put in measures for the least of these to have medicine, food, and shelter. Make America saved again. Help us to lift up Jesus who has enough medicine in the hem of his garment and whose blood still has power to heal.

In Jesus’ Name,