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John 9:4 “As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work.”

There is something that God has sent you to do.  Each of us is born with a purpose that God wants to carry out. We just have to do the work.

I had a young lady inbox me about a school she’s been assigned to where the students are coming into the third grade reading at a kindergarten level. She talked about the overwhelming challenge before her in helping those kids read. In essence she was sent there to help them to get their sight back. She needs our help to go into her school and other schools to volunteer one hour a week to help these children learn their “sight” words. That is a modern day miracle!

Jesus happened upon a man that had been born blind. His disciples asked, “Whose fault is it that this man has been born blind?” Jesus said, “It’s not anybody’s fault. It’s so God can get some glory out of this! This is how…

  1. We must do the work. The NLT says that we must do the task assigned to us. Each of us has an assigned task. Every person is born with a spiritual gift that is born again. In order to know your gift, you can go to our website and take the gifts assessment. Once you know your gift you can sign up to he trained on how to use your gift.
  2. Do the work that God has sent you to do. There is a certain place God wants to send you. Pray about where God is sending you. Jesus sent this man who was born blind to the pool of Siloam. Siloam means “sent”. Where is the place that Jesus is sending you?
  3. As a result of going where Jesus sent him, the man born blind came back seeing! The miracle only happens when you go where Jesus is sending you. It may not make sense at first but if you are obedient that is when the miracle occurs.

We have to do the work of the one who sent us while it is day for when night comes…when death comes, no one will be able to work. You only have so much time left in this crazy world. Do the work God sent you to do with the time you have left. Time ain’t long. Do the work!

Dear God,

Thank you for sending me in a new direction from the inside out. Thank you for making me aware of my spiritual gift and sending to a place where people can experience the miracle of your power working through me. Use me to help other people see just how good you are. Plug me into my purpose so that I can do the work you sent me to do.


In Jesus Name,