2 Samuel 112:30

He took the crown from the head of their king, its weight was 75 lbs of gold, and it was set with precious stones and it was placed on David’s head.

There is an old saying; “heavy is the head that wears the crown.” It means the person who is in the role of leadership has a very hard job and a lot of responsibilities to do, they can influence, others to do the right thing, and then again you can make them do the wrong things.

Many people see the beauty of the crown but they don’t feel the weight that the person carries on their head. They see how glamorous it is to be in charge but wouldn’t want the stress that comes along with it. Even when you take it off at night it still feels like you have it on. It’s pretty but it’s also heavy.

David rallied up his troops to take the city of the ammonites after Joab and his troops spent a year fighting on David’s behalf. When he took the city he took the crown from the king of the ammonites. It weighed 75 lbs and they placed it on David’s head. It was made of God and had precious jewels. It was pretty but it was also 75 lbs. it was heavy. David had to wear it.

What people didn’t know was the story behind his victory. They didn’t see the sacrifice behind his conquest. They didn’t see the sins he had committed. They didn’t see the secrets behind his success. They saw the Glory but not the story.

1. David was anointed without a crown. When your head was lighter you had more oil on you. Don’t rush to be in charge. You can do more without a crown than you can with one. How you handle your anointing determines whether or not you get one. 1 Peter 5:3-4
New Living Translation (NLT)
3 Don’t lord it over the people assigned to your care, but lead them by your own good example. 4 And when the Great Shepherd appears, you will receive a crown of never-ending glory and honor.

2. David forgot his purpose for being anointed. In the spring when Kings went off to war, David stayed at home and saw Bathsheba. At some point we all get sidetracked by silliness. At some point we get tired and decide to take a break and miss our purpose for being in the position we were blessed with.

3. David misused his power. He slept with a married woman and had her husband killed. The worst thing is that David manipulated the men who were risking their lives for the Kingdom to cover up his own selfish mess.

4. David had to live with his consequences. God spoke through Nathan the prophet to David, “The sword will never leave your house and your son will sleep with your wives in broad daylight.”

5. David was forgiven. God lightened his load after he had repented.

Dear God,

What a friend we have in Jesus,
all our sins and griefs to bear!
What a privilege to carry
everything to God in prayer!
O what peace we often forfeit,
O what needless pain we bear,
all because we do not carry
everything to God in prayer.

In Jesus name,