1NDCC&DCredHiRevelation 14:3 This great choir sang a wonderful new song in front of the throne of God and before the four living beings and the twenty-four elders. No one could learn this song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth.

14 years ago on this day God used me to start a new church in Memphis, TN called New Direction Christian Church. It would become one of the fastest growing churches in the Nation with over 14 thousand people coming to Christ. This is something that God did! I’m just glad he let me be a part of it.

Out the 14 thousand that have come through our doors there is a remnant that have withstood many trials and tribulations. There a faithful few who have been through thick and then. I am grateful for that number. God has given New Direction a new song. We are singing about his Kingdom not about our church.

Our priority is to see God’s Kingdom agenda carried out on earth as it is in heaven. We have a new song. We want to transform our community into an oasis of hope. We want to empower all people to know God through life changing experiences from the inside out!

This 144,000 people that John was talking about was a small remnant out of the billions of people on earth that made it into the presence of God. They formed a great choir who sang a song nobody else could sing. There is a place that God has for you where everybody will not be. I always say that New Direction is a church for anybody but not everybody. We sing a different song.

  1. We keep it 100! John said the 144,000 lived their lives as virgins. They were pure. Now I guess that disqualifies all of us huh?! The Apostle Paul said, “not that I have already reached perfection but one thing I do is forget what is behind me and press toward the high calling of Jesus Christ!” Those who are a part of our body press for purity knowing we haven’t arrived yet. Purity is about having a heart that is honest before God.
  1. They followed the lamb wherever he went. Our church is called New Direction because the lamb is constantly taking us in a New Direction to spread the gospel in new ways and new places. That requires new songs!
  1. They were purchased among men and were first fruits given to God. God picked us out to be pioneers. Pioneers always take a lot of hits because they are the first to do something. You don’t take hits singing somebody else’s hits. You take hits writing new songs.
  1. No lie was found in their mouth. They kept it real. The truth is all we know how to speak. Where the scriptures speak we speak. Where the scriptures are silent we are silent. We are a church like Jeremiah was a prophet. Jeremiah said, “when I said I wasn’t going to talk anymore about God’s law his word was like fire shut up in my bones.” God has given us a new song and we’ve got to sing it!

On this Sunday we celebrate 14 years of ministry in One consolidated Worship Experience with all three of our locations; Holly Springs, Collierville, and Hickory Hill forming one large choir to sing a new song. Come join us this Sunday at 10am cst. as we continue to sing a new song and head N2 a New Direction.


Dear God,

Thank you for letting me pastor some of the most sincere people. We haven’t been a perfect church but all the while you’ve been perfecting us. I’m grateful for all the people who came through our doors but I’m extremely grateful for those who stayed. I pray that we would continue to reach the Unreached and make disciples of those who join our church so that they can learn a new song. Above all I want to live the life I sing about in my song so that I can one day her you say…”Well done my good and faithful servant. You’ve been faithful over a few things. Now come on up and I will make you a ruler over many!”

In Jesus Name,